Molokini Double Backwall


2 Tank Molokini Guided Boat Dive

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary?
This may be just the dive for you!


Times and Duration

  • Check in is at 6:15 in the morning and we return to the harbor between noon and 1:00.
  • 6 Hours (approx.)



Double Backwall trips are for divers with advanced skills and recent dives, preferably in Maui. Divers must have a minimum of 40 lifetime dives to join us for this trip. Participants must be able to descend quickly, be comfortable in strong currents, possess excellent buoyancy control, and be able to maintain a safety stop in blue water (no mooring line). If you don't have at least 40 dives and haven't been diving in the last 6 months, this isn't the dive for you.


What to Expect:

Check in is at 6:15 in the morning and we return to the harbor between noon and 1:00.

Visibility off the Backwall typically exceeds 100 feet and you never know what may swim by out in the open ocean! We will probably start our dive deep (around 80-100 feet) and slowly work our way shallower to extend our bottom time. Pyramid butterflyfish, blue dragon nudibranches and even frogfish make their homes on the Backwall, so be prepared for anything!

Do you need rental gear? No problem! We can provide you with a BCD and regulator (and whatever else you may need) for just $20.


The Small Print:

Though we are planning to dive the Backwall twice on this date, Mother Nature is the ultimate boss of what we do. Should we find ourselves in conditions that do not allow us to safely dive the Backwall, we will find another less traveled/more advanced site or two and take it from there. We will not issue refunds if, due to weather conditions, we do not dive at this site.


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